Thursday, 21 March 2013

Why we need Video marketing services - Tips and Tricks

  1. Video marketing is, without a doubt, one of the biggest reasons I’ve been able to create a multiple 6-figure business online. It is the core of just about everything I do… whether it be blogging and creating content, marketing/keyword targeting, or making video sales pages and capture pages. It’s the most powerful marketing and communication medium that we have online… And the most effective.

    When you master video, it increases your conversions, helps you build automated relationships, drives you automated traffic, and solidifies your online presence and brand online. And want to help you do just that!

    So take the time, grab a pen and paper, and watch the free video training below where I reveal my 10 most powerful video marketing tips…

  2. Content is King - At this point, it almost sounds cliche, but the content you put out for your audience is why they care about you, or what you have to say.
  3. Pick a Powerful Title – Of all the marketing lessons that have carried over from the days of direct mail, the biggest, most important one is easily that “the headline is everything.” Read Robert W Bly’s “The Copy Writer’s Handbook” for more on this.
  4. Look at What Worked for Others – If you have an idea for a Video Marketing, but you’re not sure how to present the content, just have a look around the web.
  5. Make the First 15 Seconds Count – In the age of push notifications and on-demand content, you haven’t hooked someone until they make it past the first 15 seconds.
  6. Keep it Simple – If a simple slide, with minimal text can make the point, stay with that.
  7. Stay on Message – Remember, if the content is good, and the message is well-conveyed, people will watch. Quality… not quantity.
  8. Think About Your Audience – Admittedly this is a hard thing to do – getting the tone right for your audience – but once you find the sweet spot, engagement will shoot through the roof.
  9. Make Sure Your Message is Consistent – Recording a video is the modern-day equivalent to etching your name in stone, so do your self a favor and don’t make embarrassing mistakes.
  10. Make it Timeless – If new visitors to your site find value in all of your old content, then as time goes on, your site will become more and more valuable.
  11. The Three F’s – Frequency, frequency, frequency! If you say you’re going to post on a particular schedule every week, do it. The trust you’re trying to build is reflected in every part of your site, and delivery counts too.