Thursday, 26 September 2013

Why we are curious for Youtube Video Optimization

Video is what ? it is a medium for telling or giving information to viewers about what they are seeking to find or to learn, because there are many things in the world of internet, for which we need some practical assement in understanding  what they are ?

So creating a video for the visitors, who can understand the fact you are giving information to them. So Video Marketing plays a vital role in optimization of your work on the very big competiton platform on Internet. So if you are providing Video marketing services then the first thing you need to understand is that what people’s are choosing and quality of video.
So for optimization of video on the platform like Youtube, Vimeo and many more is a big chalange for you. For this, you need to follow some steps, to which leads you to understand the Visitors needs by providing them relevent and quality videos to understand your business by doing video seo optimization.
We all know that local SEO of a business is greatly benefited by getting listed in online business directories, like Yelp, Hotfrog, Foursquare and many more. Once you have listed your business with a reputed online business directory, chances of your business getting higher visibility in the SERPs increase when searched with relevant keywords. However, there are other effective ways too. One such example is the world’s second largest search engine, YouTube. Don’t you believe it?

Statistics show that 17% of people spend less than four seconds on a website, but they are willing to spend 2.7 minutes watching a video online. Knowing that the average television commercial is 15-30 seconds long, think of what you could do with the attention-span-eternity that is 2.7 minutes of video engagement gold.
Video is powerful.

But if a video plays and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?
Here are four steps to uploading video to YouTube and optimizing it for search:

1)      Upload short and high qaulity Video: The easiest part of creating a video for YouTube is uploading it to the site. YouTube accepts videos in almost all video file formats, but double check that yours is among those that it approves

2)      Perform keyword research for better optimization: Google reads words to discern what content is about, so using exact search query phrases to describe your content will go a long way in helping to get your content ranked on page one. Learn how to research keywords, pick one keyword phrase to target per video, then put your keyword phrase in your video Title, Description, and file name (ie:

3)      Add a title and description for video SEO: 

The title should be concise and catchy like an advertising headline. The description should provide enough information for people to decide whether they want to commit to viewing your video.

The description is where you also include the details viewers will need to ask for more information or purchase what you're selling.


4)      Tumbnail Image : Choose that kind of thumbnail image, which is attracting for the Visitors and don’t forget it must be relevant.

5)      Embbed with website: After uploading your video, for better Youtube Video SEO, you  need to embeed the video on your website, with youtube automatic generated script code.

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