Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Upcoming new changes for Google+ Page Owners and Managers

Hey Folks,

We are back in action again with new spice in Google SEO world, Thanks to Google for updating us, before updating anything in Google+ page permissions by email. We got email today by Google+ Team. we have also confirmed this by NeotericUK - Search engine Marketing Agency 

Google+ Team Informed us that, they are doing Google+ Page Owners and Managers and they let us know that we are updating these changes on November 11, 2013.


They have added a new setting that gives you more control over where your Page's name, photo and actions appear on Google and across the web.

Please have a look what Google+ updating, below are some changes that you need to look out for better understanding about these new updates of Google+.

1) Google+ is designed to enable your content to be discovered, for example, by surfacing contextually relevant content or actions when they might be of interest to others. We call these recommendations 'shared endorsements'.

 2) The changes to the Terms clarify details about how your Page's name, photo and relevant activity may appear in shared endorsements. For example, if your Page publicly follows another Page, Google may surface this action with your Page's name and photo when relevant and helpful to users, including in ads.

You're in control of what you share on Google. Your Page sharing settings are not affected and, as always, if you've shared something with a limited audience, we respect that.
This setting does not affect other places your Page's name and photo may appear. You can access this setting from your Page's Dashboard and may change it any time. If you turn the setting off, you may not be able to use certain features until you re-enable it and remember one more thing If you do not take any action, the Shared Endorsements setting will be turned on.

To learn more about these updates for Google+ Pages, you can review the updated Google Terms of Service as well as the Google+ Help Center.


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