Monday, 14 October 2013

New feature from Google for its user in the world

Hey folks,

Today Google, has announced some good new feature for showing user picture in Google search ads. please have a look to make your self updated with it.

Shared Endorsements
Google makes it easy for you to get great recommendations from your friends. For example, when you visit the Google Play music store, you may see that a friend has +1'd a new album by your favourite artist. When you search for a restaurant, you may see an ad including a 5-star review by another friend.

We call these shared endorsements. Here's what you need to know:

You're in control: Your content is only shared when you choose, and shared endorsements don't affect who can see your content or activity.
To help your friends and others find cool stuff online, your activity (such as reviews, +1's, follows, shares, etc.) may be used along with your name and photo in commercial or other promotional contexts.
When it comes to shared endorsements in ads, you can choose whether your name and photo may be used to help your friends find stuff that you love (and avoid stuff that you don't) – you can control this with the setting at the bottom of this page.
The name and photo shown in shared endorsements are the public profile name and photo you have chosen on Google+.

Here are a few examples of shared endorsements on Google. The "Summertime Spas" example below shows a shared endorsement displayed in an ad:

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